Portable Privacy Screens: Wellness Made Easy

Portable Privacy Screen

Corporate wellness programs are essential for businesses looking to improve employee productivity, lower absenteeism and control insurance costs. A big part of any complete corporate wellness program is employee screening. For proper employee testing, portable privacy screens are a must!

A portable privacy screen, also known as a portawall, provides a discrete and comfortable environment for corporate wellness screening. Interested in purchasing a portable privacy screen?

New Line Medical provides portawalls and other corporate screening solutions. Call 800-452-8909 or visit our Portable Privacy Screen page for more information.

What is a Portable Privacy Screen?

Portable medical privacy screens are used to provide a safe, enclosed space where health testing and screening can occur. This makes it an ideal solution for corporate wellness programs where a separate testing location is not available or viable.

Portable privacy screens can be used for:

This list represents just a small portion of the reasons why a portawall may be used. Portable privacy walls are important for maintaining not just privacy, but a sanitary environment for corporate wellness screening as well.

How do Portable Privacy Screens Work?

Medical portawalls are a versatile solution, as they can be adapted to fit nearly any size space. Each privacy screen is made up of several components, including:

  • Screen
  • Frame
  • Storage Bag

Each of these components can be purchased together, but if one of them is damage the entire set does not need to be replaced. Instead, individual frames, screens and bags can be purchased. This allows any corporate wellness program to keep costs down.

Set-up of a portable privacy screen is simple and takes just minutes. Furthermore, this inexpensive solution folds down easily, making it ideal for transferring from one location to another.

To purchase portable privacy screens at an affordable price, visit New Line Medical online at www.newlinemedical.com or call 800-452-8909 for more information.

Corporate Screening: Save Money, Save Lives

Corporate Screening

If you own or manage a business, you may have heard the term “corporate wellness.” It sounds impressive, but what IS corporate wellness? More than a simple healthcare program, corporate wellness plans are designed to save money and improve employee health.

While a corporate wellness program may sound expensive, the opposite is true – the right plan can actually save hundreds of dollars per employee in healthcare spending every year. One of the largest parts of any wellness plan is corporate screening.

Corporate screening is dedicated to regular health and wellness checks. These screenings can keep low-risk employees well and improve the health of high-risk employees. This is done through the use of advanced monitoring equipment.

Some health problems that can be screened for with corporate wellness plans include:

  • High Cholesterol
  • Smoking (Cotinine-Nicotine)
  • Drug Abuse
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hormonal Imbalance

This list represents just a small selection of the health problems that can be assessed with corporate screening equipment. By discovering these issues, they can be treated and eliminated before they cause long-term damage.

This can lead to reduced absenteeism and all around healthier employees. That translates to money saved for any business – big or small. There are many different options available for screening equipment; this means that a corporate wellness plan can be adapted to fit nearly any business.

Some different types of screening equipment include:

  • Blood Screening Supplies
  • Allergy Testing Kits
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • EKG Tests
  • Lipid Profile Detectors
  • Oral Swabs for Cotinine-Nicotine
  • Oral Fluid Drug Tests
  • Pedometers
  • Retinal Eye Exams

These solutions and many more contribute to corporate screening. A strong culture of corporate wellness can reduce healthcare costs, improve employee morale and promote overall business growth.

By using corporate screening products, you’re not just protecting the value of your company but the health of your employees as well. With a corporate screening program, the question isn’t “can I afford to?” – But instead, can you afford not to have one?

To purchase corporate screening supplies at an affordable price, visit New Line Medical online at www.newlinemedical.com or call 800-452-8909 for more information.

Blood Collection: One Test, Many Uses

One of the most difficult aspects of corporate wellness is testing. Whether checking for allergies, heart problems or any other health issues, finding an affordable and effective solution can be difficult.

In the past, blood testing has been costly both monetarily and in terms of time. The New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit is a revolutionary new way to screen blood and detect potentially debilitating health issues.

The New Line Medical Universal Collection kit is incredibly easy to use. Whereas traditional blood collection required blood samples to be accurately collected and transported, the New Line Medical Blood Collection Kit simplifies the entire process. Continue reading

IRS: Wellness Plans Don’t Count, Smoking Cessation Does

As the economy and the rules governing healthcare change, many employers have their eyes on wellness plans. In the past, there has been some debate over whether or not these corporate wellness plans would count as the “minimum coverage” that employers are required to provide for their employees.

In a recent report, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) completely clarified the matter: wellness plans will not count toward minimum coverage requirements, aside from smoking cessation programs. This makes a smoking cessation program a key part of employers’ plans to reduce healthcare costs.

With smoking cessation programs, nicotine testing is a must. Also called cotinine testing, or frequently misspelled as cotine testing, this is a process to test if a particular individual has recently smoked.

Previously, this has been a tricky and error-prone procedure. That’s what makes Alere Toxicology’s iScreen® Cotinine Oral Fluid Screening Device (OFD) so cutting edge. Continue reading

Starting Your Own Wellness Program


Increasing productivity by reducing absenteeism, and reducing the overall cost of health insurance to employees are noble goals shared by many employers. One effective way to meet these goals is to tart a corporate wellness program

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, worksite wellness programs reduce sick leave absenteeism an average of 27 percent. In addition, the journal reports, such programs reduce health care costs by 26 percent and reduce workers’ compensation and disability claims by 32 percent. Continue reading